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We are so GRATEFUL for our 2016 Donors

January 1, 2017
5 Dynamics
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Acklin
Miss Cindy Acree
Mr. L.O. Adams
Mr. Earl Albritton
Mr. and Mrs. John Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Allison
Argent Financial Group
Mrs. Karla Atwater
Mr. and Mrs. John Austin
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Autrey
BAB Enterprises Fast Lube Tech Drive
BAB Enterprises U Pak-It Tech Drive
Ms. Susan Bailey
Bamburg Steel Buildings, INC
Bank of Ruston
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Banks
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Barr
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Barron
Ms. Terri Belknap
Mr. and Mrs. John Belton
Mr. & Mrs. Brent Bernard
Beta Sigma Phi La Laureate Omega
Bethany Baptist Church
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Betts
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blake
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Boersma
Mrs. Sheila Bordelon
Ms. Priscilla Bowman
Boys and Girls Club of Miami-Dade
Mr. and Mrs. Ayres Bradford
Mr. and Mrs. William Bradley
Rev. Boris Braggs
Ms. Maria Brantly
Mr. and Mrs. Al Brasuell
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bromell
Dr. & Mrs. John Broocks
Miss Vanessa Brown
Mrs. Claire Brown
Ms. Elizabeth Buhler
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bullock
Mr. Paul Bullock
Dr. and Mrs. William Bundrick
Mr. and Mrs. Rickey Burton
Ms. Kourtney Bush
Mrs. Windy Calahan
Mr. Dwayne Calahan
Mr. Kristopher Cash
Chapter AO of the P.E.O
Ms. Cynthia Clark
Coaching for Literacy
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Conroy
Ms. Stacy Conville
Cosmos Club
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Counts
Courtesy Automotive Team
Mrs. Cathi Cox Boniol
Mr. Will Credit
Ms. Amy Crittenden
Dr. and Mrs. Kenny Crump
Ms. LaKinya Currie
Ms. Jessica Daniel
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Davison
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Davison
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Davison
DeForest Engineering Consultants, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Benny Denny
Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Downs
Judge and Mrs. Harmon Drew
Ms. Lauren Duck
Mr. Leonard Dunbar
Ms. Brenda Dupree
Mr. Eric Dupree
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Dwyer
Mr. Paul Eason
Ms. Lisa Elam
Mr. Wilbert Ellis
Mrs. Veda Emerson
Ms. Elizabeth English
Enviro Services Rental, LLC
Episcopal Church of the Redeemer
Episcopal Churchwomen
Ms. Amber Eppinette
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Evans
Mr. and Mrs Robert Feron
First National Bank
FitzGerald Contractors, LLC
Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Flournoy
Mr. Mike Frazier
Miss Anna Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Garner
Mr. Wade Gautreau
Genesis Energy
Mr. Lawrence Gibbs
Ms. Bonnie Gipson
Mr. Leo Gourrier
Mr. and Mrs. Ronny Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Graham
Mrs. Suzanne Green
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Guilbeau
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Haddox
Dr. & Mrs. Ben Haley
Mr. and Mrs Paul Haley
Mrs. Laura Hall
Ms. Marissa Halliday
Ms. Kelly Hammett
Mrs. Jacqueline Hammons
Mr. Patrick Hannon
Mr. and Mrs. Eldred Hardison
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Harper
Mr. Steve Harrell
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Harris
Mr. Adrian Harris
Harris Maintenance
Dr. and Mrs. Herschel Harter
Ms. Rhonda Haymon
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Henderson
Heritage Reality Group
Hi Tech Computers
Mr. and Mrs. Maury Hicks
Dr. Emma Hill
Mr. Scott Hill
Hilltop Apartments
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hogan
Ms. Marietta Holloway
Ms. Tiffany Holstead
Coach and Mrs. Skip Holtz
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Holyfield
Ms. Charlotte Hood
Hood Petroleum, Inc.
Ms. Glenda Howard
Mrs. Nalicia Hummel
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Humphries
Mr. Charles B. Humphries
Mr. & Mrs. Trotter Hunt
Ms. Adrianna Iennusa
Impact Healthcare Solutions
Coach Ed Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. John Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert James
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Jenkins
Ms. Beatrice Johnson
Miss Nia Johnson
Mrs. Monique Johnson
Dr. Darryl Johnson
Ms. Nancy Johnson
Mrs. Joan Johnston
Ms. Kimberly Jolivette
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Jones
Jonesboro State Bank
Jr Guild
Mr. Henry Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kessler
Mrs. Ann Kilpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kilpatrick
Kinesiology Dept. LA Tech
Labelme Custom Creations
Mr. Bryan Lamb
Mrs. Bobbie Sue Lann
Mrs. Esther Lazarus
Mr. Lester Lee
Ms. Tiffany Lewis
Liberty Hill Baptist Association
Lincoln Agency
Lincoln Builders
Lincoln Parish Detention Center
Louisiana Insurance Services
Mr. and Mrs. Dicky Love
Miss Sabrina Love
Mrs. Theodora Loyd
Mrs. Lekicia Loyd
Dr. and Mrs. Wesley Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Duke Marcus
Mark Johnson Plumbing
Mr. and Mrs. James Maryland
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Massey
Mr. and Mrs. John Maxwell
Rev. Lisa Mayo
Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Mays
Ms. Sharla McClusky
Mr. & Mrs. WIlliam McConnell
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Brent McDonald
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McGehee
Mr. and Mrs. Lucius McGehee
Mr. and Mrs. Don McGehee
Mrs. Mildred McGehee
McGehee Foundation
Ms. Rebecca McNeill
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Merritt
Mr. Jeff Miller
Ms. Wanda Miller
Mr. Lester Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Miller Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Drake Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Pernell Mollette
Miss Catyia Moore
Ms. Jon Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Murphy
Mr. Travis Napper
Ms. Angela Newby
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Nix
Mr. & Mrs. Tom O'Neal
Mr. and Mrs. John A. O'Neal
Origin Bank
Mr. and Mrs. ElDonta' Osborne
Mr. George Osborne
Mr. Van Osborne
Mrs. Stephanie Paggett
Mr. Larry Pannell
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Parker
Mrs. Eunice Perry
Philip Dale Soignier CPA
Mr. Thomas Phillips
Miss Jennifer Pickens
Pierian Club
Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Potts
Miss Veronica Pray
Ms. Natalie Pugh
Ms. Jennifer Purdy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Quarles
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Quinlan
Quota International of Ruston Charitable
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Rainer
Dr. Kenneth Rea
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Reed
Ms. Anna Reeves
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Reneau
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Richardson
Mrs. Deborah Rivers
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Robbins
Mrs Ann Marie Roberts
Ms. Michelle Robertson
Mrs. Betty Lou Robertson
Judge and Mrs. Thomas Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. Skip Russell
Ruston Civic Guild
Ruston Glass and Mirror
Ruston Kiwanis Club
Ruston Lions Club
Ruston Sunrise Kiwanis
Ruston Tractor
Ms. Julie Rutledge
Mr. Floyd Sandle
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shadoin
Shawn Murphy Insurance Agency
Mr. Andrew Shealy
Mr. and Mrs. Scot Shoemaker
Mr. Kendal Singh
Sleep Inn & Suites
Ms. Melanie Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Smith
Dr. and Mrs. William Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Speed
Dr. Francis Staten
Ms. Corre Stegall
Mr. Steven Stewart
Ms. Pamela Stewart
Sheriff and Mrs. Mike Stone
Mr. and Mrs. George Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Strebeck
Mr. and Mrs. Pamela Stringfellow
Mr. Andrew Stroud
Mrs. Carol Tannehill
Ms. Lee Tannehill
Judge and Mrs. Danny Tatum
Mr. and Mrs Patrick Taylor
The Bridge Community Church
The Ensure Agency
Dr. John Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Joesph Thomas
Ms. Jodi Thompson
Mr. Scott Thompson
Mrs. Jeannie Tinker
TJ Pearce and Co
Training Logic Inc.
Mr. Al Traylor
Trinity United Methodist Church
True Care Dental, LLC
TRUist Connect
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Tuten
Ms. Amy Tynes
Mr. Patrick Usher
Ms. Devonne Walker
Mr. and Mrs. J Walpole
Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Walpole
Ms. Debbie Waltz
Wells Fargo Advisors
Mr. and Mrs. David Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Toby White
Mr. and Mrs. S. B. White
Dr. Liz White
Rev. and Mrs. Maurice White
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Whitten
Ms. Laurie Whitten
Mr. Woody Whittington
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Williams
Ms. Louvenia Williams
Mrs. Janet Wilson
Mr. Ivan Wilson
Woman's Department Club
Miss Aubrey Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Woodard
Mr. Chris Wyatt
Ms. Yvonne Yngve
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Young
Mr. Gregory Ziecker

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Our organization is growing and we are always looking for help and volunteers to aid in our after school programs. The addition of meaningful and impeccably stylistic animation engages users on a completely different level.



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